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Playtime (Baby & Tiny Tot Divisions)

A casual setting where the judges will watch the children interact and play. Bring a favorite toy. Attire is garment of your choice (playwear suggested).

Interview (Tot - Woman Divisions)

A private group interview with the judges. This segment of competition is designed to assess poise, grooming and communicative skills. (Note: the Interview is NOT an intelligence test!) A simple tailored church type dress, skirt or suit is suitable for this event. Boys and 0-2 years will compete in Baby Playtime instead of Interview.

Partywear/Formalwear Modeling (All Age Divisions)

Knee/Tea length dresses for Baby-Miss divisions. Sunday best (Easter type) dresses stressed for these age groups. Full length formal gowns for Teen and Women divisions. Boys may wear pants with shirt/tie and/or jacket, suit, or a Tux.

Casualwear Modeling (All Age Divisions)

Slacks, Shorts, Capris, or Skirt. (NO SWIMSUITS, NO HATS, NO SUNGLASSES, etc. No removal of garments is allowed).

Photogenic (All Age Divisions)

All participants in each age division are judged on photogenic qualities and personality exhibited in their photographs. Submit a photogenic picture with your entry form. These pictures will be returned and can be no larger than an 3 x 5. No frames allowed and only one photo per contestant is allowed.

Talent/Tot Personality (Tot - Woman Divisions)

Talent is required for Miniature Miss-Women age divisions. An onstage interview will take the place of talent for the Tot division. Talent music must be recorded on a CD and talent time cannot exceed 2:30.

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